Every Sunday

Time: 09:30am

Place: Christ Community


Worship is open to all ages and begins at 9:30am.  The nursery is available for children birth through age 4.

Our teachings are Bible-based, Christ-centered, and grace-filled, not legalistic.

Our worship atmosphere is informal but reverent with contemporary music that is uplifting and inspiring while inviting the participation of all generations.   With our instruments and the voices of the redeemed, we seek to passionately articulate our worship and communicate the timeless message of Christ and His love through music.

We also recognize that our worship on Sundays is only a part of the Worship to which we are called.  Our Worship continues throughout our daily lives even after we leave the time on Sunday we call “worship” (Romans 12:1).  Further, we understand that our Worship cannot be separated from loving others through outreach.  We are called to love the Lord our God and love our neighbor with one hand raised up to God in praise and the other hand reaching out to the world in service (Matthew 22:36-40) (Mark 12:28-31) (Luke 10:27).

For more details about services on Sunday, please see the “On Sunday” page.